2018 Summer Camps !

Lots of things going on at the Studio this Summer !  Take a look at this and/or print it out – then give us a call to get registered early so you have a guaranteed spot !

2018 Recital Newsletter

Lots of information and things to read in order for all of us to be ready for Recital 2018 !

** NEW ** Beginner Ballroom Classes !

We are hosting a new Beginner Ballroom Class on Friday nights, starting March 2, for one hour, from 6:30pm – 7:30pm.  Classes will continue for the foreseeable future !

You can pay by the week, so there is no costly monthly fee should you not be able to make a particular Friday.

The cost is $18 per couple, per class.

Singles are welcome too – $10 per single per class.  We have already had several singles attend, and always have a partner for you to practice with.

Hurry – classes are filling fast !  (We may even add classes as enrollment climbs.)

PS – a group always wants to go somewhere after the class to have a few laughs and fellowship.  Last Friday a number of us went to the Hartford Winery.  All are welcome, and can help make the decision where we go next !

Have you seen our new Studio Sign ? !

After all these years, we finally retired that old sign and installed a thoroughly modern LED sign that features a wonderful scrolling message capability !  We will do our very best to keep the messages current and easy to view, so please take a look at it often.  As our programming abilities improve, so should the signs value to both existing and new students !